The most important comprehensive and pioneering business solutions that are designed specifically for you, combining

• speed of performance
• ease of use
• the power of reports
• free update
• technical support service
• competitive prices

QR Code

Encrypt tax invoice data within a unified QR-Code barcode cell for direct inquiry and verification of an enterprise’s tax credit 

Auto Backups

A free tool for performing automatic backups according to specific times and dates, with a summary report sent after each operation via e-mail

Appointment System

To help the user manage his appointments and remind him of his own work according to specific times (payments / meetings / collections), in addition to defining tasks and the possibility of delegating them to users and departments in the organization

Reports Designer

To modify and fully control the contents and fields of invoices and printed and electronic reports by the average user and store them according to several forms and models

Cloud Server

And that is through the virtual circuit service (Virtual Dongle), which is approved in cases of the client’s reservation of an external server Remotly or renting a cloud server, as it allows working on the program without a physical protection circuit and with the same powers and benefits

Value Added Tax

Supporting the Syrian and Malaysian tax system and the system of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in addition to the possibility of allocating tax options to comply with any other international system, in accordance with the approved accounting standards

Smart Phone Apps

set of special applications
Inquiry, inventory and billing for programs:
Accounting, warehouses and POS.
With interactive and easy to use interfaces