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Maintenance and Support


  • It suitable for the most businesses and services the you need to follow after-sales service stages, such as maintenance and services businesses.
  • Software works on SQL SERVER database.
  • Can be linked galleries and divergent branches of the company (ON LINE) or via WEB.
  • Work on the local network quickly and efficiently, and adjust the permissions of each user according to his tasks.
  • Multi-sectional and shops, and can link users with departments and shops, and possibility of processing the request within more than one section.
  • Services chart for easy guide and query and the service card contains information and wide choices can use to adjust prices and discounts.
  • Reception items for maintenance via the serial number where all the information about the piece brought in the case was sold by company within the warranty or otherwise to determine the kind of maintenance.
  • Receiving maintenance request and follow up it (reception - Processing - Ready - beyond repair - Delivered - external maintenance).
  • Issue maintenance bills include services provided and output items and maintenance within the state or out of warranty.
  • Billing for services are calculated on the basis of the length of time, taking into account the automatic renewal and also have monthly revenue, and re-distributed from the account to the actual revenue at the beginning of each month at each monthly service or stop the renewal is due.
  • The possibility of adding archival information (metadata) on the request or maintenance billor service according to the user desire and the ability to search through them.
  • Comprehensive reports on the movements of services and maintenance (and its follow) with full control of the design report by the user.