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Salaries and Payrolls


  • Highly flexibility and convenient interfaces, can be customized according to the rules procedure in the establishment.
  • Software works on SQL SERVER database.
  • Link with attendance devices (barcode – figure machine – hand) directly or get date file from device.
  • Auto generate financial record for each new transactions.
  • Can insert information for each employee, and inquire about it.
  • Customise many ways to calculate salaries.
  • Calculate salaries upon to shifts.
  • Calculate salaries, and print salary details with special design by user.
  • Customise periodic deductions and additions which applied on salaries such as social reinsures and income tax.
  • Register furloughs (accrued, unpaid, …).
  • Define rewards and penalties according to the rules procedures.
  • Ability to active advanced payments, furloughs, rewards, etc., after get acceptance.
  • Define absence deduction and overtime as percentage levels or values.
  • Calculate daily, weekly and monthly attendance.
  • Calculate income tax according to the governmental rules, and get regular reports.
  • Register and deducting employees advanced payments.
  • Regular deductions advanced payments and loans from salaries, and can delay deductions.
  • General and financial reports for all registered transactions.
  • Ability to design reports according to the needs of establishments.