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  • Sahlisoft supports automate all administrative activities of the hospitals and health clinics, such as patient registration, booking room, daily treatments, medications, and medical reports.
  • Software works on SQL SERVER database.
  • There is an interactive interface for the rooms and beds in the hospital, which allow the user to see the available and rooms and empty beds and patient condition. And give alert for the room when the patient discharge.
  • Special interfaces to insert patient information (patient name – treatment kind – is the patient case need to book a room …), and these interfaces include descriptors information which the user can define and add terms such as (that does not accept null values which cannot be bypassed).
  • Interface determine the daily treatments for each patient and the used materials (drugs - X-rays - a process .... etc).
  • The possibility of entering all the medicines and treatments and processes for the patient and calculating the consumables (cleaning tools, gauze, sterilization materials, etc ...) for each treatment or process automatically.
  • The final bill for the patient when he discharge, including the treatments, doctors fees, hospital fees, and the patient case when he discharge.
  • Possibility to divide the hospital to departments, and each one can be handled separately in inventory and financial transactions, as well as get the profit information for each one.
  • Address the issue of insurance companies and distribution bills for doctors and assistants, equipment and hospital.
  • The possibility of distribute profits and losses on the partners according to the agreement, and show the final restrictions arising at any time without the affected accounts and rounded data in the same fiscal year.
  • Financial reports show patients accounts and statements of doctors in total or in detail in several currencies indicating the amounts owed to patients and insurance companies and the amounts owed to the doctors.
  • Reports show patient data (phone - the title, etc.), including the room and the bed which assesses the patient and the physician supervisor and inquire about the possibility of former patients (was discharged from the hospital).
  • Reports show all processors and processes that underwent the patient, and the doctor who described the service and the duration and timing of each service.