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  • The document and archive data is very important in the institutions, offices and companies. Especially when the data is great both in the external or internal correspondence (Fax - Email - Documentation - decisions - Photos - internal talks ... etc.), and searching and access to the documents takes a long time and great efforts. So was adopted software for archiving and documentation to manage the work easily with high speed.
  • Software works on SQL SERVER database.
  • Can save various numeric data in the structure folders, to ease access and work.
  • Save various numeric data types in the same structure of the folders tree easy to handle (images, video files, audio files, Office files, AutoCAD files, etc ...).
  • The possibility of control designing and building Archive structure to comply with the requirements and needs of the establishment.
  • Insurance system imposes under sequential movement document and treatment on the one hand to the other, so going document within it.
  • The possibility of opening several archival files with the same file with the main archive folder for easy work.
  • Mail correspondence between the internal system established departments for follow-up work, and also to deal with e-mail to be archived directly.
  • Securing a high level of private documents that possess a high degree of confidentiality and privacy protection system.
  • The possibility of adding descriptors of documents of various types (text, date, number, list) to be searched and extraction.
  • The existence of tools to facilitate the process for archiving old files stored on your computer.
  • There are reports of research and high-technology allows the query to bring required documents and achieved certain conditions and at high speed.