About Us


Sahlisoft is considered specializing establishmentin Information Technology, and interested in raising the performance of companies through the provision ofprofessional large-scale solutionsin line with the goals of companies.


Sahlisoft was founded in 2000, Since 2004 this establishment was founded under the name of Sahlisoft establishment. Starting from the time the organization has seen continuous expansion in activity and growth in the career structure, until it became (the grace of God) from the leading IT companies. The reason of our success is the fast adaptation with the developments in information technology and its services and needs which are created by market and customers needs. We were able to keep up with the times, because we have the experience and scientific efficiency and the flexibility and operational readiness to meet the requirements of customers with high efficiency attested by our clients and customers.

Products license

Sahlisoft software is protected for Sahlisoft Establishment by copyright according to Syrian law and international conventions, and it is registered by Property Protection Directorate of Commercial and industrial \ Ministry of Economy and Trade in Syrian Arab republic with trade mark (Sahlisoft) registration No. /83118/ /83119/. Any unauthorizedcopying or distribution for Sahlisoft software or any part result in civil and criminal prosecution.‫


Engr. Nashat Mohammad Alsahli‫